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A pants escape room! Its a mobile escape room experience taking advantage of the unique interactions pants has to offer. In PANTS//OFF, Secret Agent 7 must escape a new prototype for a Pants-based gadget within 10 minutes. Can you escape?


The player starts by having the Pants locked onto them with a 3-digit locked belt holding them on.

One of the first things they can find is a 3-digit combination lock in one of their pockets- with card suits printed on it hinting at where to find the three numbers.

One of the numbers- the 2 of Diamonds- can be found on the inside of a secret flap towards the bottom of one of the pant legs.


The next card number can be found by pulling a ring in one of the pockets, revealing the card on the end of a piece of fishing line.

The last card number can be found in a wallet found in one of the pants pockets.

After finding all three cards, the player can open the 3-digit lock to reveal 2 AAA batteries.


The player can then take the batteries and put them inside a handheld red button that was found in one of the pants pockets. Upon pressing the button, an audio clue plays: Agent 7! Agent 7, can you hear me agent? Dr. Flouride has stolen Pants! Our pants prototype! The code to access your Swiss Army Pants is your agent number! Don’t forget the leading zeroes! After hearing the message, the player can open a 3-digit pouch hanging from the pants to find their Swiss Army Pants, a set of tools that will help them with the next couple of puzzles.


The Swiss Army Pants contain a mirror, a blacklight flashlight, and a hidden key on the button of the pants.




They enter that combination on the pants belt buckle…. And escape the pants!


Josh Delson | John Scovic | Justin Sales | Don Herweg | Daniel Song

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorJosh Delson

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