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OVERTIME is alternative controller game inspired by Shonen Anime and basketball. Step in the laces of Jessica, the rising star of High School Prep Junior High as she has only a minute to help decide the fate of the most important match of the year. Pass, shoot, and dribble in order to turn the tide. Can you win before time runs out!?


OVERTIME was an experience for the Very First Extra Credits Game Jam that was inspired by their Awesome per Second video.  Based on our positive feedback, the team expanded and polished OVERTIME to showcase at upcoming game festivals across the nation.

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As aspiring creators, the team challenged themselves in creating an accessible alternative controller to showcase. Partnering with the Idea Realization Lab in Chicago, OVERTIME was able to implement a basketball toy as  its unique controller




Josh Delson  |  Don Herweg  | Danny Song  |  Sam Zapiain  | Eric Moen  | Thomas Newsome


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this game is really nice and the art style really fits plus i love anime so i love this game

I could feel so much love from the devs.