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Operation Anthill is a strong altered state VR toy where you are a ant roaming the tunnels of your ant hill! The area consists of dark gritty walls and other ants like yourself. In this experience, you are walking through the tunnel which leads to a whole new place environment. What is it? We don't even know...


Don Herweg | Greyson Ducker | Josh Delson | Daniel Kim

Install instructions

1) Download on Android

2) Install apk

3) Run on Google Cardboard or Mobile VR Headset


Anthill.apk 85 MB


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I was able to run this on my Pixel 2 XL just fine, and then remembered I don't have a Cardboard anymore. So I essentially played this as a 2D VR experience, lmao. whoops

THAT ASIDE though, definitely liked how this was designed as a self-described "VR toy." I imagine this type of VR gameplay is much easier to apply correctly in a game jam-time frame (rather than player-controlled teleportation etc.), and I personally got a sense of powerlessness conveyed through this style of play. 

My critical feedback is actually about the game's name. Having played hundreds of jam entries, I hear this name and immediately think of a strategy- and/or action-oriented game. Since this was designed as a little more of an artistic exploration experience, I'd love to see an alternative name that advertises that concept better.

Definitely a very different vibe from OVERTIME and even oOASIS, and I'm proud of y'all for pushing and exploring such a dramatically different design direction and narrative theming from the other games I've seen/played from y'all. Great work!

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Ok, this was something else. My phone is not very high end but I was able to comfortably enjoy the experience. I liked the creativity of mixing an ant hill with veins. I was confused at first but also amazed and a bit scared in some parts. The textures, models, sounds are quite well made. This is such an original idea, one that works quite well in VR. Thank you so much for making this game! Meow!

I placed it on my quest via sideloading but cant see it.Will it not work on the quest ? Jesusavesouls !